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ISCM Beijing 2018


ISCM World Music Days: Beijing 2018

Tŷ Cerdd administers the Welsh Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), and is pleased to announce that the call for composers to submit their scores for World Music Days (WMD) Beijing 2018 is now published. We will be submitting shortlisted works at the end of December.

It will be organised by The International Society for Contemporary Music Chinese Section and is jointly presented by 2018 Beijing Modern Music Festival and will take place in Beijing from 21 – 27 May 2018.
More information will soon be available at

The ISCM World Music Days festival is an annual international showcase of new music, and this year there are 11 categories for which you can submit works to be presented at the festival in Beijing. Please see below for further information on the guidelines and categories, and other attachments.

How to make an official submission via the ISCM Wales Section:

If you wish to apply, please supply the following documents and information by noon on 4 December 2017 by email to

1. Proof of nationality (copy of passport)

2. Short biography (max. 150 words in either Word or PDF format)

3. Composer website (if applicable)

4. Selection of which of the 11 categories your submission falls into (please ensure you have read the forces in full and outline your technical rider in detail)

5. Details of your composition including Title, Duration, Year of Composition

6. PDF of the score

7. Programme notes (max. 150 words in either Word or PDF format), please give details of any previous performances of the work, elsewhere, if any.

8. Technical rider, if necessary, to include electro-acoustic additions to the instrumentation in your score or outline equipment required

9. A link to an audio or video recording where your work may be streamed online, plus any passwords if necessary. (This is not essential - please see ISCM Wales Checklist for further information.)

10. High resolution digital photograph

11. Proof of payment of entry fee

12. NB. There is an indication from China that you will be required to complete an additional form should your work be selected for submission.

For any queries, please contact Shakira Mahabir at Tŷ Cerdd (029 2063 5649)

Any updates to the guidelines from the ISCM China section will be posted on our website as soon as we have them.
Deadline for applications 12 noon 6 December 2017

Late applications will not be considered.

You shall be informed no later than 22 December as to whether your work has been shortlisted by the Welsh Panel for submission.


ISCM Wales Section
ISCM Wales exists to promote the aims of the ISCM, both within Wales, in co-operation with Composers-of-Wales and with other National Sections. The Society aims to promote contemporary music and raise its public profile, through effective global networking, communication and facilitation of multilateral activities between the members.

Its mission is to:

· Raise the profile of contemporary music through the collective strength of the Society’s global network and membership makeup.

· Pursue exposure, research and performance of contemporary music through initiatives by its membership, as well as collaboration with affiliated bodies.

· Showcase the diversity of contemporary music worldwide through the World Music Days Festival.

World Music Days

The World Music Days Festival is an annual meeting of the ISCM, organised and solely funded by different sections each year, as a platform for musical exchange and a showcase of world contemporary music, without prejudice or bias on differences in musical expressions, styles, genres or media. It aims to be a meeting place for organisations, performers and composers around the world. World Music Days takes place in consecutive days in the host country and can be organised in any format which suits the artistic and practical preferences of the organiser in accordance with ISCM Statutes, reflecting the diversity of contemporary music. The festival strives to represent all legitimate members of the ISCM in one way or another through the activities of its programs, such as performances, seminars, exhibitions, etc.

Tŷ Cerdd’s mission is to promote and celebrate the music of Wales. We’re here:

· to bring the music of Wales to audiences across our nation, and to the rest of the world.

· to protect the legacy of Welsh music of the past, and to nurture Welsh music of now and the future.

· to support professionals and non-professionals, performers and audiences, to perform, compose and experience Welsh music.