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Application forms

Candidates are accepted for audition on the approval of their county Head of Music Service (or his/her authorised representative or equivalent) and are expected to support music activity at school/college and county level. Where county provision does not exist, the Head of Department in school or college may initially support applications.

To apply for an audition for one, or more, NYAW music ensembles, print out and fill in the relevent apllication form. Auditions for specific ensembles take place are different times of the year. If you have missed the deadline, please give us your detials and you can apply the following year.

Application forms for all NYAW/Ty Cerdd ensembles can be found on the pages of the individual groups. If you have any queries about an application, please contact Matthew Thistlewood

Deadline for 2012 applications - 30th September 2011