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This year Tŷ Cerdd is joining forces with Making Music & Sound and Music to bring Adopt a Music-creator to Wales. Now in its 20th year, and with over 120 fantastically creative and successful projects between leisure-time music groups and composers to date, the landmark Adopt a Composer project is expanding in 20/21 under a new name.

In Wales,  the scheme will pair a Making Music/Tŷ Cerdd Network member - leisure-time choirs, bands, orchestras and ensembles - with a music creator for up to a year leading up to a premiere, a recording and a possible broadcast. Not a member of Tŷ Cerdd or Making Music? Sign up for free to the Tŷ Cerdd Network and get 10% off your Making Music membership.

Music groups and music creators will make separate, stand-alone applications (see forms below) although suggested pairings are welcomed.

Adopt a Music Creator is a creative journey that lasts up to 12 months. Music creators have the opportunity to get to know performing groups and write a piece especially for them to premiere, while groups have the chance to contribute to the creation of a new original work by some of the UK’s most promising creative artists. Each pairing is assigned an experienced mentor to support and guide the music creator and group, and help the process run smoothly.

What do leisure-time groups gain?

  • A new and original piece of music tailored to its strengths and personality

  • A working relationship with a skilled and committed music creator

  • An exciting new experience and musical development

  • A development day for its musical director to attend

  • The opportunity to be recorded for a possible radio broadcast

  • An understanding of the collaborative process of creating new music and the knowledge and confidence to do it again independently

  • £250 fee

  • Travel expenses for London workshop  

  • Contribution to recording costs

What do music-creators gain?

  • An exciting and unique experience of composing an original work for a leisure-time music group

  • A working relationship with a musical director

  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of an assigned music creator-mentor

  • Exposure to wider contacts and audiences

  • Two music creator skills days hosted by Sound and Music

  • The opportunity to have their work recorded and broadcast

  • An understanding of the collaborative process of creating new music with leisure-time music groups and the knowledge and confidence to do it again

  • £1500 fee

  • Travel expenses for London workshop

The process

  • 31  August 2020: applications close

  • early September 2020: successful music-creator and music society informed

  • 3 October 2020: pairings announced at launch event (London) - meet your group!

  • October 2020: Music Creator Skills day 1 in London hosted by Sound and Music

  • October 2020: December: group(s) hosts a workshop introducing music creators to their members

  • December 2020: February: Music creator and group(s) workshop/rehearse the pieces in progress

  • February 2021: April: further workshops and rehearsing of the draft piece

  • March 2021: Music Creator Skills day 2 in London hosted by Sound and Music

  • May - December 2021: premiere concert (recorded for possible broadcast on BBC Radio 3)

Selection panel

  • Deborah Keyser (Director of Tŷ Cerdd)

  • Steph Power (composer, writer and Chair of Tŷ Cerdd)

  • Matthew Thistlewood (CoDI Manager)

  • Tumi Williams (creative artist, event organiser and member of Tŷ Cerdd management board)




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