Mar 15

I've just submitted my final score and parts! The last workshop went really well - it was so interesting to see and hear how everyones works are coming along and to hear the latest version of my piec
Nov 11, 2018

The beautiful aspect of such a residency is the time allowed to develop ideas, explore new territory and the freedom to shift focus. I knew I wanted to explore alternative musical formats and how we c
Oct 16, 2018

Hi. First thanks to everyone who made the first day great. Ty Cerdd. Lynne Plowman. The Berkeley Ensemble. The other composers. The individual ideas the composers had towards the work within this proj
Sep 18, 2018

Llongyfarchiadau i / Congratulations to Nathan Dearden, Daniel-Wyn Jones, Sarah Lianne Westmore, Lucy McPhee, Mark McNamee and Carlijn Metselaar on being selected for CoDI CHAMBER. They will work with
Nov 14, 2018

Moving on from the first session I knew I wanted to try something new, and felt comfortable doing this in the safe experimental environment of these workshops. However, this time it didn’t quite work
Nov 4, 2018

It’s an unusual and wonderful experience, being in a room full of creative minds with everyone pitching in to find interesting and promising sounds. Working with a musical ensemble as a group of co
Oct 9, 2018

A few weeks on from the first CoDi CHAMBER session, it’s great to see my ideas and piece progressing. The first session saw us getting to know each other’s inspirations and style of writing, bringing
Nov 12, 2018

At the first CoDI workshop ideas were presented, toyed with and discussed. The challenge now was to shape these formless ideas. However allowing room for further toying and discussing. Difficult. At l
Oct 19, 2018

I approached the initial workshop with a not-insignificant amount of trepidation; in part, because I’d written substantial amounts of vocalisations (whistling / humming) into my sketches, and I was a
Oct 6, 2018

Having come out of my first session on the CoDi ‘Composer Pathways’ Chamber Programme. I’m feeling very excited and left with lots of inspiration for the rest of the programme. Before going in I mu

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