CoDI Mentors 2019/20


I began composing at a very young age, and it was always an instinctive process. I would have liked to study composition but I felt it was more likely that I would earn a stable income from playing, so studied violin and viola at the RNCM. Later I applied to study composition at several institutions in the uk and abroad but was not accepted - partly, I was told, because of my tonal style. 

It turned out that being a player was an excellent way of learning about composing and scoring, and also a great way to attract commissions! 

Never having studied composition formally, I have never felt qualified to teach - but as time goes on I realise I do have my experience to pass on - not just as a working composer, but also as a performer. 

I can offer practical advice on career paths, on managing deadlines, on building confidence, and on the administration side of things. 

I had to learn skills such as orchestration by trial and error, in professional scenarios, and am still filling gaps in my knowledge. I am always happy to share what I’ve learnt: I am still learning all the time, and always inspired by the journeys of others. 

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