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Tŷ Cerdd

Lottery Grants

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NB Unlike our other Lottery strands, this is a once only emergency fund which will not be repeated after the deadline of 29 January 2021. 


Who can apply?

This fund is targeted at community and leisure-time music groups, including voluntary or community groups and charities. You must have:

  • a written governing document / constitution

  • a bank account

  • at least three unrelated people on your governing body


We won’t accept applications from:

  • individuals and sole traders

  • profit-making organisations (for example a company limited by shares)

  • organisations based outside the UK

  • one organisation applying for funding on behalf another


Your budget

We’ll need to you submit a budget, using the template downloaded from our site. The budget includes both expenditure (costs for delivering the project) and income, and must balance.


For Resource and Restart we can only fund up to 90% of the total project cost, so you will need to show 10% of income coming from other sources (eg ticket-income, your own funds, donations). NB: your 10% of match funding cannot come from Lottery sources.


If you need help

If you need support of any kind with your application, please contact or phone 029 2063 5640.


How will we assess your application?

Your application will be put to a panel of advisors; we commit to ensuring that our panels are diverse and represent a range of backgrounds and musical approaches / genres.


When the panel members asses your application they’ll consider how your project will make a difference to your group and your community. They’ll want to see a well-thought-out application, supported by a balanced (and realistic) budget.


Priorities for funding

  • Supporting the survival of community music groups.

  • To resource the artistic restart of community music-making.


The panel will be additionally interested in applications that:

  • Work in communities that are under-represented or have been neglected and excluded.

  • Support the development of the Welsh language.


What happens next?

We’ll let you know our decision within four weeks of the application deadline.


If your application is unsuccessful we’ll tell you why.


If we offer you funding we’ll contact you by email, detailing any conditions of grant (where applicable). You must return agreement to us within 28 days of the email, together with confirmation that you can fulfil any conditions. On receipt of the agreement, we’ll release 75% of the funds to you, with the final 25% being triggered after we’ve approved your post-project completion report.

How to make an application

Emergency Funding




Lottery Funding

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