Ar hyn o bryd mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

International Society of Contemporary Music

Calling composers!​

ISCM World New Music Days:
Auckland and Christchurch (New Zealand)
21 - 30 April 2020


Tŷ Cerdd – the official Welsh Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) – invites Welsh/Wales-based composers to submit their scores for World New Music Days (WNMD) New Zealand 2020.

ISCM World New Music Days festival is an annual international showcase of new music – representing contemporary work from across the globe. The Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ) will host the ISCM World New Music Days in Auckland and Christchurch in April 2020: there are 15 categories for which submissions are invited to be presented at the festival.


The ISCM Welsh Section’s panel will asses the submissions, and put forward six works as the official submission to the ISCM.
A minimum of one of these six will be selected by WNMD 2020 for performance. This year's panel is: Andrew Lewis, John Metcalf, Lynne Plowman and Deborah Keyser. 

How to make an official submission via the ISCM Wales Section:
Please see below for further information on the requirements, categories and guidelines. Read them carefully, ensuring that your submission fulfils requirements, and fits within the category and guideline information. 



Submit the requirements form together with all accompanying documents by 17:00, Friday 12 July 2019 by email to 

Please note:

  • Only one work per composer may be submitted. 

  • Priority will be given to works shorter than 12 minutes in duration, except where specifically noted in a category description.

  • Priority will also be given to works written since 2012.

Deadline for applications 17:00, Friday 12 July 2019

Late applications will not be considered. All applicants will be informed by the end of July as to whether their work has been shortlisted.   WNMD 2020 will announce the selected works in the autumn.   

Queries: please contact Shakira Mahabir at Tŷ Cerdd: or 029 2063 5640, or alternatively contact ISCM NZ directly:

Individual submission

An individual submission is sent by an independent composer or a composer’s authorised representative. Only one work per composer may be submitted. Individual submissions are not guaranteed a performance. Space for individual submissions is limited, but we will consider all submissions to the best of our ability. Preference will be given to shorter compositions, and to pieces composed after 2012.

You can submit your work individually by filling out the 'ISCM requirements form' (as above) and sending additional materials by email to: with the email title “ISCM Individual Submission”.  An entry fee of €53.50 applies to Individual Submissions, payable at the time of submission by Paypal through the ISCM website – click HERE if you wish to make a payment.

The application deadline for submissions directly to ISCM is 30 July 2019, 13:00 BST. 


ISCM Wales Section
ISCM Wales exists to promote the aims of the ISCM, both within Wales, in co-operation with Composers-of-Wales and with other National Sections. The Society aims to promote contemporary music and raise its public profile, through effective global networking, communication and facilitation of multilateral activities between the members.

Its mission is to:

  • Raise the profile of contemporary music through the collective strength of the Society’s global network and membership makeup.

  • Pursue exposure, research and performance of contemporary music through initiatives by its membership, as well as collaboration with affiliated bodies.

  • Showcase the diversity of contemporary music worldwide through the World New Music Days Festival.

World New Music Days

The World Music Days Festival is an annual meeting of the ISCM, organised and solely funded by different sections each year, as a platform for musical exchange and a showcase of world contemporary music, without prejudice or bias on differences in musical expressions, styles, genres or media. It aims to be a meeting place for organisations, performers and composers around the world. World Music Days takes place in consecutive days in the host country and can be organised in any format which suits the artistic and practical preferences of the organiser in accordance with ISCM Statutes, reflecting the diversity of contemporary music. The festival strives to represent all legitimate members of the ISCM in one way or another through the activities of its programs, such as performances, seminars, exhibitions, etc.

Tŷ Cerdd’s mission is to promote and celebrate the music of Wales. We’re here:

  • to bring the music of Wales to audiences across our nation, and to the rest of the world.

  • to protect the legacy of Welsh music of the past, to nurture Welsh music of the present, and drive the development of new composition.​

  • to support professionals and non-professionals, performers and audiences, to perform, compose and experience Welsh music.

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Tŷ Cerdd – Music Centre Wales yn sefydliad corfforedig elusennol, Rhif Cofrestru 1152853.

Tŷ Cerdd – Music Centre Wales is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registration Number 1152853