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CoDI Off-Grid sgwrs #6


16:00 Maw / Tue 09.11.21

Jon Ruddick is a sound artist and Shift studio member and organiser, originally from Bath and now based in Cardiff.

Established in 2018 SHIFT is a multidisciplinary research and development arts organisation, offering free working space and support for artists to develop artistic practice within a collaborative environment. 

Jon will be talking about Shift's structure, history and development and about its future plans for sharing space with other artists as a form of mutual aid.  He will also touch on how it hopes to help build sustainable communities of spaces and networks for sound art, performance and production.

hyd / duration: 60-90 mins

Mae mynediad i'r digwyddiad hwn yn rhad ac am ddim 

Admission is free of charge REGISTER HERE 

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Tŷ Cerdd is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner in association with Youth Music

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