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28.07.24 BBC NOW gives Welsh premiere of Sarah Lianne Lewis work

3pm Sunday 28 July 2024

BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff

BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Narrator: Elin Llwyd

Conductor: Grant Llewellyn

Penguins, polar bears and arctic tern on a Welsh island - surely that can’t be right?

Join BBC National Orchestra of Wales in BBC Hoddinott Hall this July to discover the story of a young girl Siân, the devastating effects of climate change on the habitats of penguin, polar bear and arctic tern and her mission to find a solution to make things better. How will she do it? What solutions will she discover? Join us to find out…

A symphonic tale for narrator, solo piano and orchestra written by Sarah Lianne Lewis with author Stéphane Michaka.

Commissioned by Consortium Créatif & BBC National Orchestra of Wales, in collaboration with the Seine Musicale, Paris.

Both musical tale and animal fable, ‘L’Île des jamais trop tard’ (‘The Island of Never Too Late’) plunges the audience into the mind of a young girl facing an imminent climate threat to her home.  A piano, a symphonic orchestra, and an actress come together to tell this story; one that is not so far away from reality, to reflect on the issues and pave a way for the future. 

On an island in the North Atlantic, Lise is ten years old, and collects polar animals made homeless by the melting ice caps. Polar bears, penguins, sled dogs, and seals - these beasts all have a story to share. They advocate the cause of the endangered Arctic inhabitants, and warn Lise - if the ice melts further, her island may be in danger too.  Lise must set out on an adventure to find the animals a safe new home, and to help the islanders face the threat of the rising waters. 

‘L’Île des jamais trop tard’ (‘The Island of Never Too Late’) is suitable for children ages 7 years old and above.  The work was commissioned by the Consortium Créatif and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, in collaboration with the Seine Musicale.  The Consortium Créatif brings together 5 orchestras (l'Orchestre National de Bretagne, l'Orchestre national Avignon-Provence, l'Orchestre national de Cannes, l'Orchestre de Picardie and l'Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse) to work for the dissemination and defence of contemporary creation.

"Alternating tonality, atonality, polytonality, rhythmic passages and evanescent episodes, it creates graceful moments for Vanessa Wagner's piano, both alone and with the orchestra" -  ResMusica

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