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Eädyth's new single launches Tŷ Cerdd’s artist-led label, Sionci

20 January sees ‘Heal Yourself’ hit the airwaves – a captivating, restorative single by Welsh artist Eädyth, on Sionci, Tŷ Cerdd’s new artist-led label.

Deborah Keyser, Tŷ Cerdd’s Director, said: “We are beyond thrilled that the first main Sionci release is by Eädyth. She’s an incredibly generous and inspiring musician, and ‘Heal Yourself’ is a beautiful, bilingual single. Sionci is absolutely for and about artists – a vehicle for music-creators to drive, with Tŷ Cerdd as enablers – and Eädyth is a tremendous example of a contemporary music-creator forging her own sound and career.”

Of ‘Heal Yourself’ Eädyth said: “I’ve been working on the song for a good year now. It’s taken a lot of different paths in terms of style and structure and I really enjoy that about being a self-producer. I’ve gone through my own journey with this single and I’ve built a lot of courage, strength and healing from it and that’s how I want it to reflect to listeners. This has been such a fun project for me and I can’t wait to release it into the world!”


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