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FUNDING: Italian Cultural Institute

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers British citizens under 35 a number of monthly awards to study in Italy at Italian institutions. These awards are divided into: Long Term Scholarships/Research Grants and Short Term Research Grants for the following studies: Courses and research in any subject at Italian State universities and institutions; these are for a maximum of nine months. Proof will be required of enrolment at a British university, or photocopies of a diploma/degree. Courses at art academies and music conservatoires; a Final Diploma in art or music is required. All awards will amount to around 700 Euros monthly. Accommodation is not arranged or paid for. Students will be given insurance cover against accident and illness whilst in Italy for the duration of the award. Admission to courses held at art academies and music conservatoires is by examination only, held in Italy by the chosen institution.


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