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Tŷ Cerdd heads to Germany for Classical Next

Classical:NEXT is the largest global gathering of professionals working in classical music and connected genres. The event takes place this year in Hannover, Germany from 17 to 20 May.

Some of the cohort received bursary support from Tŷ Cerdd, supported by Arts Council of Wales.

Tŷ Cerdd representatives Shakira Mahabir Deborah Keyser Jodi Voyle

Tŷ Cerdd will also be managing the Welsh presence at the event, including a Cymru/Wales stand at the expo.

At Classical:NEXT over 1,000 professionals from across the international industry – composers/music-creators, performers, ensembles, managers, presenters, record companies, publishers, media, educators and more – gather for:

  • interactive conference

  • showcase concerts

  • expo

  • networking

Follow the journey to Classical: NEXT with Tŷ Cerdd on Twitter and Facebook.


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