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Kirsten Evans
Oct 05, 2018
Workshop 1 - After an introduction, by Swansea Laptop Orchestra, to Swansea Laptop Orchestra, I think I can speak for all of the CoDI ELECTRONIC composers when I say that each of us found ourselves faced with a plethora of fascinating controllers and vast possibilities for the new music yet to be written. Waves of inspiration came in the days following the first CoDI ELECTRONIC workshop, as the information given to us sank in. The Gametrak appealed to not only myself during the workshop day, and it shall be exciting to see if this is still the case by the next CoDI ELECTRONIC meet up! Gametrak's have not only appealed to me as the controller of choice for the CoDI ELECTRONIC composition I am to compose, but in fact I have gone on to buy several of these controllers for myself to be used in other projects, something that would not have happened without the CoDI ELECTRONIC workshop! The next stage of the process will see each composer present the work they have been doing since the last workshop, a variety of ideas are sure to have arisen from the stirrings created by the workshop day! So far I have been looking into developing the work Swansea Laptop Orchestra have done in regards to combining the use of live vocals and live electronics. More updates to come from each of the CoDI ELECTRONIC composers with lots more information about the CoDI ELECTRONIC programme and our own compositional processes!
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