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Oct 06, 2018
Having come out of my first session on the CoDi ‘Composer Pathways’ Chamber Programme. I’m feeling very excited and left with lots of inspiration for the rest of the programme. Before going in I must admit I was feeling pretty nervous, as I think a few of us were but the atmosphere was so friendly and open that I was put at my ease. Before starting the session we all had nice chat with each other about what we do, with Lynne Plowman encouraging us to experiment and not to worry too much about ideas failing which was a great way to put us at our ease. The Berkeley ensemble are a brilliant group and proved to be really insightful, it was really an eye opener for me how such close collaboration with the performer can deeply affect the final composition. I was really pleased to hear my own sketches come alive and was deeply impressed by how accurate they got it: I was dealing with Micro-Tonal harmony which is something that is incredibly difficult to perform but they did so very well and gave some great advice. There’s a great relief now that my sketches actually sound how I intended them to, and I can start building on the foundations of the piece. Hearing everybody’s sketches was a really enjoyable experience and it was very apparent how wildly different everybody’s music is, so it meant that we all had lots to learn from each other which is a great part of the project and Lynne’s guidance throughout the session was brilliant, often pointing our ears to simple things that we hadn’t considered. So a great first session and I can’t wait to hear how things progress at the next session! Mark