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The philosophies demonstrated by John Cage and Pauline Oliveros highlight that there is music to be found in the interactions of everyday sounds constantly occurring around us.  The only thing that we have to do is learn to listen to them.  I am interested in designing processes that generate sound independently that I then organise in order to observe the interaction of the results. In this way, I create my own reflection of the nature of the world. The aim is not to represent life but to mimic its chaotic patterns of action.  This has the potential to create beauty or ugliness, with each result being equally desirable to me. I enthusiastically experiment with the use of different means to transmit my ideas in collaboration with performers, with or without electronics. I regularly explore different approaches such as graphic and text scoring as well as computer interaction and generative soundscapes.  In my practice, I have come to see the role of the composer as a facilitator of music as much as a writer.  Due to this realisation, I have been co-founded newCELF, an events company based in Cardiff with the aim of showcasing new works alongside contemporary classics.

Richard McReynolds

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