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Yasmine Latkowski 1988

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Yasmine Latkowski is a composer and performer who is renowned for her enchanting music which expertly and beautifully blends the many and varied cultural influences she has experienced. Yasmine's deep love of music revolves around the creation of meaningful connections, whether on screen, through video games, or on stage with her performance ensemble.


Inspired by her dual heritage and the enthralling melodies and rhythms of Middle Eastern music, Yasmine embarked on a musical adventure that has led her to create a number of production albums and documentary scores, often alongside esteemed session players such as Tim Garside, Joelle Barker, and the Klezmer band She' Koyokh.


Yasmine also works with the rich and unique sounds of Balkan, Nordic, and Celtic music and her recent albums include 'Celtic Pipes' (with bagpiper Tim Eastwood), 'Middle Eastern Spirits' and 'Insights'. Each of these showcase Yasmine's versatility and deep understanding of global music which enable her to skilfully combine the varied elements of disparate traditions.


Yasmine's contribution to the music industry has received widespread acclaim and her work has been featured by the United Nations, BBC Africa Eye, BBC Panorama and National Theatre Wales. In recent years she has broadened her audience through collaborations with Welsh games companies (backed by Creative Wales) and  her captivating performances at major festivals including Focus Wales, International Eisteddfod, and Llangollen Fringe.

Upcoming projects include a North Wales tour by her band Panedeni in which Yasmine joins forces with Sion Rickard and Ayoub Boukhalf to create an exciting blend of Welsh and Arabic music and captivating storytelling.


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Ar hyn o bryd mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

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