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→▪ [a starting point]


... on a quest(i/on/in)going on ...

composing = shapesounds indefinites shadows in minds previously unknown

searchingsearching until rise free a shapeshift restless continues flexing fluxing

settles shakes moves on flows on spoken voice digital recordings spatiality

movement energy pulses in>through>round>from shapes swimshoaling

 any thing could happen

it does


it will


We’re living in exciting/fearful times. Times to question ways of doing and being.

Times to find different possibilities, to try things out. Discover What Happens If. But

explore at random without bothering too much about order. Do it through Rhizomes

– find a NEW form… a differently…


▶ Borders On

↸ ↸ ↸ ↸ ↸


Language/music/sound/noise overlap definitions support and counteract each other, all changing depending on context and physical space. Play with ideas of location of meaning. Should meaning even be expected or found? Rather what does music DO?  What does music allow people to do? How to Listen in ways that make us receptive to one another? Ensure a plurality of voices can be heard? What are the settings in which speech and sound can be heard and have a meaningful effect?


Recording is set and fixed but its situation isn’t

Language – intertwined with my double helix

slippery something continually out of grasp


▶ …what else to say…


Sound too.  Performative.  Bodiless.  Elusive.  Can’t be grasped.  Brings back memories.  Provokes effects on bodies.  Raises emotions.  And can completely alter how we perceive spaces.  The theatrical quality of sound.



it’s influenced by cultural training, a political act. John Cage understands Listening
as autonomous. To Pauline Oliveros Listening Deep is activism, counteracting Distracted Viewing, relational and always collective. When Listening is vertical
spatial considerations come to the fore, attention is paid from development into sounds themselves. Sounds interreact with surroundings.

choose your listening point/s



▶ Fragmanin



Do you read this out loud?


loud forcing of air to vibrate feeling bzz tckl text breath through throatsinusmouthtonguepalateteethspringLIPS

Probably not

Why not



▶ Jeg, Hamlet






Nothing exists in isolation

Devising/collaborating – how to invite others in..?

How to hold tight to conversations..?


UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights – another piece of collaboration


Article 22

Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

Article 27

Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.


▶ in audible

↯ ↯ ↯ ↯ ↯ ↯

NOW: crouch crawl small crawl blindfolded crawl along a crawl beckoning crawl tunnel crawl narrowingcrawl easing crawl squeeeezing crawl to emerge


stumble tumble make off take off into the realms of


swarmings and scamperings (just out of mindshot)

journey ON


▶ babblesnatch


…escape/explore         seek out excitements, not solutions, not situations, not answers it’s hear now think later           on into deep, hidden recesses         way past the reach of daylight       sometimes only a flickering light held in a particular position can start to reveal what lies within…


⇋ ⇋ ⇋


▶ in(ex)teriors



my Written     your Read      bornofgossamerlookingsandreadingsandsearchingsandturningsanddoings                       

your Read will be different                   as are your reasons for reading this my Written

by this(ticktock)now          this my Written has served a purpose of i

by this(ticktock)now          the time of your Read            this my Written has left i behind

i am somewhere else

                                                               and that’s a purpose too

probably the only one 


worth the risk ...



   →▪ [a starting point]

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