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Tŷ Cerdd

Lottery Grants

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Who can apply?

Any organisation, from voluntary or community groups, to professional bodies and charities, as long as you have: 

  • a written governing document / constitution

  • a bank account

  • at least three unrelated people on your governing body (the same person cannot be listed for more than one position on the form)

We can’t accept applications from:

  • individuals

  • sole traders

  • profit-making organisations (for example a company limited by shares)

  • organisations based outside the UK

  • one organisation applying for funding on behalf another


What we can’t fund?

  • activities that are statutory or will replace statutory funding (eg activities on a school’s curriculum)

  • any activity or expenditure that takes place earlier than five weeks after the application deadline

  • any organisation which has received funding from the same strand (Create, Engage or Inspire) within the last 12 months

  • any capital expenditure (eg instruments, recording equipment, uniforms)

  • activities that take area aimed predominantly at audiences outside Wales

  • applications that are exclusively to fund travel costs

  • applications to solely cover the costs of making a commercial recording 

  • existing staff costs; we can pay for individuals to deliver short-term activities

  • organisational overheads (for example utility bills, council tax, rent and insurance)

  • fundraising activity

  • recoverable VAT


Priorities for funding

The panel will look to fund projects that provide excellent opportunities for artists / participants / audiences. Alongside this, your activity should respond to the priorities below. We appreciate that not all projects will respond to all priorities, but in competitive funding rounds, projects working in more of the priority areas will be favoured:

  • Nurturing new music.

  • Creating partnerships between artists and organisations.

  • Helping to bring communities together.

  • Inspiring young people.

  • Working with and for individuals and communities that are under-represented or have been neglected and excluded.

  • Supporting the development of the Welsh language.

  • Strategic promotion of health and wellbeing (eg in partnership with a health organisation/body).

When can we apply?

There are four application deadlines per year – in January, April, July and October; precise dates are published on the main Lottery page.

How to apply 
To make the process easier, we have created an online portal to submit your application which can be accessed via a link