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We place artists at the heart of our work. We value their innovation, their creativity and their diversity. We are committed to enabling the creation of Welsh music, across a range of genres.


The communities across Wales making music are our lifeblood. 

Welsh language

The Welsh language is vital to our identity and cultural expression, and is key to our embracing of all communities across Wales.


We celebrate and embrace the diversity of people in Wales, and value difference.



We are passionate about equality for artists and audiences, and strive to remove barriers, be they of race, gender, gender-identity, disability, age, geography, sexuality, religion, language, poverty.


Kindness and compassion are central to our organisational culture, and to all our engagement.



We collaborate across these cornerstones with organisations and partners to develop opportunities and improve access for artists and audiences.



Protection of the environment is fundamental, and we acknowledge our responsibility to respond to the global climate emergency.

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