Music and Race in Wales

Music and Race in Wales is a continued exploration that Tŷ Cerdd is undertaking with funding support from Arts Council of Wales’s Sharing Together scheme.


Led by Dionne Bennett, Tumi Williams and Mymuna Soleman, the project takes forward the work started in a series of six online conversations with artists and creatives of colour from summer to autumn 2020, through COVID (detailed below).


During December 2020 to March 2021, Dionne and Tumi are working with us to develop conversations with sector organisations cross-genre, while we partner with Mymuna Soleman on a series of discussions with grass-roots / community organisations, including focus groups and the creation of case studies.


During 2020 – with support from ACW stabilisation funding – Tŷ Cerdd convened a series of online conversations about Music and Race in Wales, in collaboration with Privilege Café (an inspirational discussion-space created during COVID by campaigner / change-maker Mymuna Soleman).


Hosted by Tumi Williams (musician, workshop leader, Tŷ Cerdd board member) and Mymuna Soleman, the events created a safe and honest space for sharing of lived-experience, learning and discussions of barriers and solutions.


Sgwrs #1: What does a creative artist in Wales look like?

Speakers: Yamsin Begym' Oort Kuiper and Ngaio


Sgwrs #2: Is education making Welsh music white?

Speakers: Louis Gray, Dionne Bennett, Paula Gardiner and Rachel Kilby


Sgwrs #3: How is programming impacting on our artists and audiences?

Speakers: Njabulo Madlala, Toks Dada, Cat Roberts and Kaptin Barrett


Sgwrs #4: How can we effect change through talent development? (In partnership with FOCUS Wales / Out of FOCUS)

Speakers: Benji Wild, Laura Lewis-Paul, Cat Roberts andKaptin Barrett


Sgrws #5: What’s the picture outside the cities? (In collaboration with Aberystwyth Arts Centre)

Speakers: Sizwe Chitiyo, Kirk Holland and Simmy Singh


Sgwrs #6: How can we celebrate and support intersectionality? 

Speakers: Baluji Shrivastav OBE, Eadyth; E11ice and Monique Bux

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