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CoDI Off-Grid session at Bangor Music Festival presented by Ash Cooke & Chris Parfitt


11:00 Saturday 18.02.23

White Box, Pontio, Bangor

A cross-disciplinary workshop exploring free improvisation through music & painting.

How can sound be perceived and expressed through automatic drawing / painting and how can these images then be reinterpreted in sound?

During the workshop attendees will be asked to respond to improvised music through the medium of drawing / painting, and then create improvised music from the images they have made.

Come along to watch, to be part of the conversation, or bring an instrument and be hands-on.

All musicians are welcome from any genre. 

duration: 60 mins

Free Admission



Ash Cooke is an internationally recognised improvising guitarist and artist from North Wales. Initially making his name in the 90’s Welsh band Derrero, Ash has spent the last 20 years steadily building a reputation as an experimental musician and visual artist.


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