Saturday 15th February 2020

PL2, Lefel 2, Pontio, Bangor

Led by Richard Whitelaw (coach, counsellor & trainer, with extensive background in leadership in music and the arts)

It is evident that starting out as a professional composer is very hard: although you might be making it harder than it needs to be…

In this session we’ll explore how your perspectives on your past, your behaviour in the present and your approach to the future might be working against you. You might be getting in your own way and sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. 

You’ll come away with some new strategies and maybe a new perspective on your whole story. 


This event is free of charge to Welsh and Wales based composers. Email matthew.thistlewood@tycerdd.org to secure your place.

+44 (0)29 2063 5640 / enquiries@tycerdd.org 

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