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Laura Phillips 1986

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Laura Phillips make sounds using a mixture of 16mm photochemical film processes (optical sound), field recordings & collaboration. Working at the intersection of visual-music and performance, her work explores obsolescence, precarity and collective histories. Salvaging and recycling digital & analogue media, Laura is interested in the ideas of the commons, ecology & information infrastructures. 


Improvisation and expanded film are key tools in how Laura approaches sound making and composition. She has no formal training in music or composition but is inspired by lots of different things including: going to gigs, DIY, hacktivism and composers such as Pamela Z, Pauline Oliveros, Ruth White and Feminist Improv Group (to name a few).  Laura often enjoys the serendipitous nature of improvisation and has performed on a variety of instruments but keeps returning to the waterphone, harmonium and optical sound. She has performed with musicians Rhodri Davies and Mark Veron as well as the Viridian Ensemble. 

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Ar hyn of bryd mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

ffoto/photo: Angharad Bache

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