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Sion Orgon 1975

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Sion Orgon is an experimental musician, composer, singer, songwriter and avant garde artist from Cardiff, Wales. He has been active for years in the field of experimental electroacoustic music, sound design and production.


A long time collaborator with Thighpaulsandra (Coil and ‪Julian Cope) and full time member of Rocketgoldstar, appearing on eight Thighpaulsandra releases, five Rocketgoldstar releases and touring extensively throughout the UK and Internationally.

Sion has written and produced four solo studio albums and has collaborated with many artists, including William D Drake, Splintered, ‪Peter Christopherson, COIL, ‪Mike Edwards (‪Jesus Jones), Andrew Liles, ‪Damo Suzuki (Can), Stylus, ‪The Waterboys‪ and Geraint Jarman.

Sion has released tracks on many compilation albums, including the brand new release; Presently Untitled, created by Fourth Dimension Records, who also released his 7” single Into The Dark on vinyl and The Zsigmondy Experience.

In addition to his contribution to various albums, since 2008 he has been creating and producing the sound design for contemporary dance and physical theatre, site specific productions, dance films, fixed media and installations for many leading Wales based companies and artists. He’s currently a visual artist for Thighpaulsandra, URUK and other artists.

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