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an experimental music conference 

presented by the Welsh Experimental Music Alliance (WEMA) in association with CoDI Off-Grid


Saturday 18.03.23

SHIFTQueen St, Cardiff CF10 2HQ

New Expectations provided an opportunity to work collaboratively, share practice, explore ideas and have fun. Through an afternoon and evening of open discussion and music making we investigated many of the issues important to Wales-based avant-garde and improvising music makers.



13:00 Registration; Introduction

13:30 Keynote speaker: Rob Smith

14:15 Discussion session #1: Share your experiences of performing / playing / playing

15:00 Scratch performance #1 

15:15 Discussion session #2: How identity impacts on your work performing / playing / recording in Wales

16:00 Scratch performance #2 

16:15 Discussion session #3: Community and collaboration - What's important? Why is it important?

16:40 Scratch performance #3 

16:55 Plenary session

17:00 End 



19:00-21:00 Short performances (10-15 mins each) showcasing a range of experimental, sound art and improvisation 

21:00 performance #1: artists TBA

21.45 performance #2: Gwilly Edmondez


Delegates had the opportunity to perform throughout the afternoon and the beginning of the evening sessions. 


Gwilly Edmondez emerged in the 1980s from Bridgend, where he was a founder member of Radioactive Sparrow, once dubbed ‘the most legendary band you’ve probably never heard of. Gwilly practices a form of composition that disavows fixity and rehearsal, preferring an approach that dissolves the line between ‘life’ and ‘performance’ in ways that compromise neither. Having coined the term Wild Pop to describe his aesthetic as both a solo artist and as Gustav Thomas in YEAH YOU (est. 2013), his embracing the age of evaporation is manifest in a relentless autopathology oriented towards devotional sublimation.


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Tŷ Cerdd is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner in association with Youth Music

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