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pathway to composing with text

Six composers were selected to work with lead composer Joseph Davies and writer Kaite O’Reilly on exploring the use of text in composition. Before the first session the composers were invited to choose a text from a selection provided by Kaite from her previous work, which could then be adapted or expanded in collaboration with the writer during the course of the scheme, in tandem with the development of the musical ideas mentored by Joseph. Particular areas of focus were the dramaturgy of ‘theatrical’ and ‘non-theatrical’ musical text-setting, the relative importance of the music and the text to the composer, and the process of collaboration.


The course was designed to be as open-ended as possible and there was no expectation of a particular genre of text-setting or musical style. An ensemble of performers – specially recruited post-graduate performers from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – worked alongside the composers over three workshop periods, culminating in an *informal performance and recording at the Tŷ Cerdd Studio.


Each composer received a £500 global fee for participating in CoDI Text. The activity took place in Cardiff, and we covered participants’ travel costs within Wales where necessary.


Sunday 17.11.19      Workshop 1

Sunday 02.02.20      Workshop 2

Sunday 15.03.20      Workshop 3

Sunday 29.03.20      Performance (RWCMD)

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