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Francesca Simmons
aka Madame Ceski  1981

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Francesca is a violinist and independent artist from North Wales, now living in Bristol.  She works as a freelance musician, composer and collaborator, often under the moniker Madame Ceski.


As a multi-instrumentalist that leads on violin, she has a history of working with artists from different mediums such as dancers and visual artists, alongside collaborating with musicians from a variety of backgrounds, often on projects with a folk art core.  She often works with animation-music collectives (The Paper Cinema & 1927 theatre) and has also run away to join a circus (Giffords Circus).


Her debut album Palimpsest has been described as ‘genuinely terrifying’ and ‘sometimes it’s good to be taken outside of the aural comfort zone’ (BBC Radio 6).

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