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FUNDING: RNIB Elizabeth Eagle-Bott Memorial Fund

Awards to blind or partially sighted musicians for musical study, projects and events for the benefit of local, national and international communities. The Elizabeth Eagle-Bott Memorial Fund grants funds to: blind or partially sighted people, to support their music making; to third parties, supporting blind or partially sighted musicians in their music making. Grants are up to £10,000. To qualify, applicants, or people supported by applicants, must be registrable as sight impaired or seriously sight impaired (partially sighted or blind) and a UK citizen. Priority is given to classical musicians, especially organists.

Each applicant may receive up to and including three successful bids (each in a different year). The offer of an award for each year takes effect from June. The funding is valid for 24 months. The award may be used within or outside the UK. Applicants are encouraged to submit enterprising bids suited to their musical aptitude and interests.

The Elizabeth Eagle-Bott Memorial Fund is administered by RNIB through a panel of experts in the music profession sitting in May each year. The awarding body may meet more than once a year to consider exceptional applications. The decision of the panel is final.


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