Cân: affricerdd is an opportunity for music-creators of African descent living and working in Wales to write a new song (in any language and musical genre) and create a music video of the new work. 

Mirari More, N'famady Kouyaté, Ogun, and Skunkadelic (Tumi Williams) were selected after an open call to artists to create a new work for cân: affricerdd. This programme is one of the strands of Tapestri, Tŷ Cerdd's new initiative helping to create a living musical archive of the people, languages and communities of Wales – and is funded through Arts Council of Wales's Connect & Flourish programme.

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N’famady Kouyaté is a young master musician from Guinea (Conakry), now based in Cardiff. A talented multi-instrumentalist, his primary instrument is the balafon – a traditional wooden xylophone, sacred to West African culture and his family heritage of the griot. 

N’famady plays both as a solo artist and with a full band line up as The Successors of the Mandingue. His arrangements are a fusion of Mandingue African with western European jazz, pop, indie and funk influences provided by an ever-evolving collective of musicians. Read more...

Manssa Nou Cissé  N'famady Kouyaté     

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