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Ogun 1998

Ogun is a 23-year-old musician, writer, creative director and community organiser from Newport, based in Cardiff. He is the main organiser for the Black Lives Matter movement in Gwent and was recently appointed as Arts Council of Wales Agent for Change.

Beginning his creative journey launching a fashion brand called SUPERNOVA in his teens, Ogun always believed in the importance of artistic expression. His foray into music-making began with friend and creative collaborator Tony and producer Goom under the name 'AFTERPARTY' releasing an EP in 2016.

After university, Ogun was keen to establish his musical voice and worked on a debut solo EP 'In My Own Skin' released in 2018. Not one to stay still for long, Ogun moved to Berlin where the concept for his latest release 'Flight Mode' was born. 


Although music, in Ogun’s own words is his 'first love', he continues to epitomise the modern artist; multi-faceted and able to navigate his own universe in which music, poetry, fashion, and other mediums co-exist harmoniously. 

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