10 composers / music creators / sound artists have been selected take part in CoDi DIY – a paid pathway for artists who have not accessed formal, post-school music education.

Cara Ludlow, Francesca Murphy, Gwen Siôn, Hannah Ratigan, Heledd Evans, Jake A Griffiths, Josh Whyte (aka Blank Face), Kevin Ford, Nazia Sethi (aka Naziaaa), and Richard Thair have been chosen to take part in CoDI DIY. The artists will be guided through the developmental process by a mentor (selected to suit your genre), over a series of workshops and studio sessions (Cardiff and Bangor, possibly plus a mid-Wales location).


It is planned that the project will culminate in an event / performance / sharing of ideas / team-workshop in spring of 2021, although precise details will depend on factors including the interests of the participating artists and the developing situation regarding Covid-19.


Overseeing the pathway alongside Tŷ Cerdd will be Pwyll ap Siôn, CoDi DIY lead artist, masterminding the process of matching music-creators and mentors. Pwyll’s experience as a composer and musician is extensive – from pop to classical – and he now works as part of the team at Bangor University School of Music.


  • Resources sent to participants: late-July

  • Initial workshops: September

  • Final performance/recording: spring 2021

Tŷ Cerdd is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner in association with Youth Music