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Eloise Gynn to represent Wales at ISCM World New Music Days

A work for solo cello by Eloise Gynn has been selected by the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) to represent Wales at this year's World New Music Days. The piece will be performed as part of the ISCM's festival which takes place in the Faroe Islands between 22-30 June 2024.

Eloise Gynn remarked, "It’s such a privilege that my piece Quietening has been selected to be performed at ISCM World New Music Days 2024 in the Faroe Islands – I’m delighted and honoured to be representing Wales with my music."

"The piece is written for solo cello, and is a musical reflection on the quietening of the human world during lockdown. For it to be performed in the Faroe Islands, a place of extraordinary beauty and remoteness, feels perfect, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m grateful to Tŷ Cerdd and to the ISCM for this wonderful opportunity."

▶ Watch a performance of Eloise Gynn's 'Quietening' for solo cello

▶ Get the sheet music

Eloise was one of six composers whose work was selected by the Welsh panel  to go before the international jury. The five other artists were:

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Andrew Lewis, Andrew Wilson-Dickson, David Roche,  John Metcalf and Leona Jones

Andrew Lewis

Fantazia Upon One Note (2021) for solo violin with fixed-medium electronics

"I’m delighted to be included in Wales’s contribution to the 2024 World New Music Days. Wales is a powerhouse of musical talent and creativity, and WNMD is the perfect opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of Wales’s new music to a global audience."

Andrew Wilson-Dickson

String Quartet no. 2 (2020) 


"I am delighted to have my second string quartet shortlisted for the ISCM WNMD. To be included in the shortlist for Wales makes me feel finally Welsh, in spite of my Scots ancestry. It is extraordinary to have the possibility of recognition by an organisation which has promoted the music of my composer heroes and influences, during and before my lifetime, too many to name."

David Roche

A Prayer at the Edge of Silence (2021) for string quartet

“I'm really proud to have the chance to represent Wales in this way. ISCM offer amazing international platforms for new music, and we need them more than ever. A Prayer at the Edge of Silence is a particularly important piece to me, so to see it recognised in this way is especially wonderful - it's a piece I love very much.” 

John Metcalf

Towards Silence (2020) for string quartet

"I am especially grateful for and very much appreciate this nomination of my string quartet ‘Towards Silence’ for consideration for performance at the ISCM World New Music Days in June 2024. It gives me the opportunity to reiterate my thanks to the private commissioner of the work, Carol Nixon, whose unwavering support and commitment were central to shaping the piece. At her request, there was a single stipulation - namely that the work in some way reflect the urgent topic of the extinction of species. Certainly a sombre agenda. However, the realisation of it was made much more attainable by the wonderful Solem String Quartet whose superb musicianship played an integral role in bringing this new work to life."

Leona Jones

in(ex)teriors (2020) sound installation (4 channels)

"I’ve long been an admirer of the Gwent-born horror/supernatural writer Arthur Machen and his outstanding musicality of style. in(ex)teriors was originally created for a symposium of experimental compositions inspired by the magic and folklore of Wales, but the pandemic prevented the work being presented in its intended form as an audio installation. To find out it has now been chosen for submission to ISCM was thrilling. I always envisaged it as an immersive multichannel sonic experience and the chance may now come to create the 4-channel version I could always ‘hear’. Machen’s novel The Hill of Dreams is one I’ve returned to many times, and making audio recordings of locations he would have walked – and thought – in was inspirational. His themes of profound dislocation and questioning resonate through our twisted and jagged present day. More than ever we need to listen to and feel the strength of human imagination and natural landscape. I am so proud that this work, provoked by my reaction to Machen’s powerful writing, will be listened to by ISCM members from across the world."

At least one of the six pieces submitted will be performed during the festival (the international jury can, however, choose more than one).

Over 30 applications were received from Welsh and Wales-based composers, across 12 categories. The 2024 New World Music Days Festival will provide an important platform for the selected composer, and will be a key opportunity for the profile of Wales, its composers and the new music field.

ISCM Welsh Section
ISCM Welsh exists to promote the aims of the ISCM, both within Wales, and in co-operation with the British, Irish, Scottish and other, international Sections. The Society aims to promote contemporary music and raise its public profile, through effective global networking, communication and facilitation of multilateral activities between the members.

Its mission is to:

  • Raise the profile of contemporary music through the collective strength of the Society’s global network and  membership makeup.

  • Pursue exposure, research and performance of contemporary music through initiatives by its membership, as well as collaboration with affiliated bodies.

  • Showcase the diversity of contemporary music worldwide through the World New Music Days Festival.

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