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Perisgop presents a view of the world through someone else’s eyes. Made in partnership with UCAN Productions, the production gives musical voice and artistic expression to the lived experiences of visually- impaired people during the Covid 19 pandemic. Perisgop’s artistic team is entirely visually-impaired: composer Gareth Churchill, writer Kaite O’Reilly and film maker Jake Sawyers.

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A series of online workshops started a seven-month period of composition, exploration and development which has resulted in a chamber music theatre work, performed by a disabled ensemble: two sopranos, speaking voice, flute and piano. Perisgop unfolds as a three-movement dramatic song-cycle framed by two verbatim ‘streams’, featuring the actual voices of interviewees. The film is captioned throughout (there is no BSL). We hope you enjoy it.

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The performers are:

Joanne Roughton Arnold (soprano)


Rebecca Jolliffe (flute / soprano 2)


Rachel Starritt (piano)


Gareth Churchill (Welsh language speaking voice)

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