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Odysseus Piano Trio -
Grime / Watkins / Schumann / Schumann

This debut release – Grime / Watkins / Schumann / Schumann – by Wales-based Odysseus Piano Trio champions trios by two prominent musical couples, divided by nearly two centuries.

Robert and Clara Schumann’s lives and musical endeavours are familiar, with Clara’s compositions gradually becoming more prominent in recent years. In 21st-century Britain, Helen Grime and Huw Watkins are prominent composers on the international scene. The sound worlds of their distinctive piano trios explore entirely different timbres and textures from each other, also providing illuminating complements to both Schumanns’ works.

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Track list / Rhestr traciau

HELEN GRIME (1981)       

Three Whistler Miniatures                                         

1 i. The Little Note in Yellow and Gold (Tranquillo) [3:02]

2 ii. Lapis Lazuli (Presto) [3:27]

3 iii. The Violet Note (Lontano, molto flessibile) [4:14]


Six Pieces in Canonic Form, Op. 56

4 i. Nicht zu schnell [1:59]

5 ii. Mit Innigem Ausdruck [3:47]

6 iii. Andantino [1:25]

7 iv. Innig [3:01]

8 v. Nicht zu schnell [2:17]

9 vi. Adagio [3:23]



Piano Trio

10 i. Allegro [6:34]

11 ii. Lento [7:47]

12 iii. Allegro Molto [4:57]


CLARA SCHUMANN (1819-1896)

Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 17

13 i. Allegro moderato [11:19]

14 ii. Scherzo, tempo di Menuetto [5:05]

15 iii. Andante [4:38]

16 iv. Allegretto [8:09]

Total running time: 01:15:13

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