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Richard Bowers 1964

Richard Bowers website

Based in south Wales, Richard Bowers makes art installations in which musical composition is an important feature that animates otherwise inert elements. He often uses computer programming as the means of composition, where the software environment is a workshop in which he develops, tests, and renders musical materials. The environment also affords control over the manifestations of the work - algorithmic processes serve to regenerate the work such that it never repeats identically.

Richard's works have been variously commissioned and funded for presentation at a number of venues including Chapter Arts Centre, Outcasting 4th Wall Festival, Cardiff School of Psychology, SHIFT, Tactile Bosch and Fringe Arts Bath. He is currently developing the installation 14 Short Operas About 14 Long Operas for Turner House in Penarth. This is a meta-opera exploring cultural figures and their works, set against an historical background spanning the French Revolution to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The libretto - partly personal reflections on the theme of opera and its histories, partly epistemological evidence - will be set to a soundtrack lasting 9.5 hours.

Ar hyn of bryd mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

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