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Unbroken Threads

(released 9 August 2022 / dyddiad rhyddhau 9 Awst 2022)

Unbroken Threads features works by five British composers, performed by violinist Mary Hofman and pianist Richard Ormrod.

The three newest works – by Welsh composers Rhian Samuel, Hilary Tann and Sarah Lianne Lewis – were commissioned by Rhyl Music Club for the Beethoven-250 anniversary, to respond directly to Beethoven’s sonatas for violin and piano.

Rhian Samuel’s compelling three-movement Sonata for Violin and Piano focuses on the relationship between contrasting themes; in Until the thread breaks, Sarah Lianne Lewis examines themes of attachment and explores the edges of the audience’s own hearing; while Hilary Tann’s First Light is a meditation on the first movement of Beethoven’s last violin sonata, Op. 96.

These new works are brought together with the mesmeric Dreamtides by Welsh composer Steph Power, and Eleanor Alberga’s tour de force The Wild Blue Yonder, to complete an enthralling collection.