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CoDi Grange is Tŷ Cerdd’s Arts & Health initiative, forming part of the extensive arts programme at the new Grange University Hospital in Llanfrechfa. The whole arts programme is funded by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, and driven by consultancy Studio Response. 

CoDi Grange commissioned a cohort of artists from a range of genres to create music and sound installations for the multi-faith chapel space in the new Grange hospital. Lead artist Jo Thomas (an award-winning electronic composer) mentored the other music-creators through the process, alongside the Tŷ Cerdd team who provided artistic and practical support. Central to the creation period for all of the artists was direct engagement with members of the community within the health board’s ward – each piece has responded to that engagement, both thematically and artistically. 

The six works were conceived with the multi-faith chapel in mind, and the artists have created works that aim to provide support, solace, and peace to visitors to the space. Our featured artists are Jo Thomas, Teifi Emerald, Ashley John Long, Delyth & Angharad Jenkins, Leona Jones and Stacey Blythe

The result of the project was very special and an album of the six works, 
Cynefin – music from the Grange, has been released on our label, helping to extend the reach of this music and sound-world for others to hear and experience. 

Jo Thomas

Jo Thomas 

TeiFi - photo by Suhmayah Banda 4175px.JPG
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Jo Thomas


Ashley John Long

Delyth and Angharad 02 (1).jpg

Delyth & Angharad Jenkins

CoDI Grange 15 - Leona.jpg

Leona Jones


Stacey Blythe

Deborah Keyser Director of Tŷ Cerdd said: “We know how powerful the arts are for wellbeing and health – so Tŷ Cerdd welcomed the opportunity to bring together a group of artists to embed music into the multi-faith chapel at the Grange. As the development agency for Welsh music, Tŷ Cerdd is constantly creating opportunities for composers to develop their practice and to engage with communities and audiences, and this project was deeply embedded in the communities around the hospital."

CoDI Grange 12 (1)_edited.jpg

The Grange University Hospital, Llanfrechfa

Cynefin cover.png

Cynefin - music from the Grange
available on T
ŷ Cerdd Records

Studio Response – Art | People | Place
At Studio Response we believe that artists can enrich the quality of our public spaces and we work with artists to respond creatively to the people, place, culture, heritage and aspirations of neighbourhoods, towns and cities across the UK, and internationally. We invite artists, designers and architects to make new works with the public at the centre of how their ideas unfold, whether resulting in permanent sculptures or temporary artworks, socially-engaged projects or integrated architectural designs.

Art for the Grange – Celf ar gyfer y Faenor

Around the Grange University Hospital you will see many site-specific artworks that have been specially commissioned as part of the Grange Arts Programme. Research increasingly finds that creativity can improve health, and the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board is embracing this approach by placing art at the heart of the Grange and the healthcare it provides.

The artworks aim to enhance the wellbeing of patients, visitors, staff and the community by creating a calm and welcoming environment that encourages contemplation and offers reassurance. Together they also foster a unique identity for the hospital that expresses the vibrancy and diversity of the people and places it serves. 

Exploring the beauty of the region's landscape and its distinct culture and heritage, the artworks celebrate and honour the work of the NHS and reflect on how art and science together drive innovation. The Grange University Hospital is a Centre of Excellence that delivers cutting-edge care.

The health board’s long-term vision to place creativity at the heart of the care it provides also includes a programme of innovative activities delivered in response to the Arts Council of Wales’ commitment to arts, health and wellbeing.

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