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Eädyth: Heal Yourself 

New single by Eädyth marks the
launch of Tŷ Cerdd’s artist-led label, Sionci

On 20 January ‘Heal Yourself’ hits the airwaves – a captivating, restorative single by Welsh artist Eädyth, on Sionci, Tŷ Cerdd’s new artist-led label.

Deborah Keyser, Tŷ Cerdd’s Director, said: “We are beyond thrilled that the first main Sionci release is by Eädyth. She’s an incredibly generous and inspiring musician, and ‘Heal Yourself’ is a beautiful, bilingual single. Sionci is absolutely for and about artists – a vehicle for music creators to drive, with Tŷ Cerdd as enablers – and Eädyth is a tremendous example of a
contemporary music-creator forging her own sound and career.”

Of ‘Heal Yourself’ Eädyth said: “I’ve been working on the song for a good year now. It’s taken a lot of different paths in terms of style and structure and I really enjoy that about being a self-producer. I’ve gone through my own journey with this single and I’ve built a lot of courage, strength and healing from it and that’s how I want it to reflect to listeners. This has been such a fun project for me and I can’t wait to release it into the world!”

Heal Yourself press release.jpg

Eädyth is a 25-year-old artist from Aberfan in the South Wales valleys. During 2022, although music releases have been quiet she has continued to craft her creative career through music collaboration, performing, sound design in theatre and self-producing upcoming music in her home studio. This year Eädyth is back with lots of exciting new collaborations and releases and is very excited to be working closely with Sionci to release some of her most exciting material yet, so stay tuned!

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Sionci complements Tŷ Cerdd’s existing record label, Tŷ Cerdd Records (TCR) – which holds a growing catalogue of over 25 album releases. TCR has gathered UK national reviews and plaudits, and primarily champions Welsh classical and contemporary classical music, alongside jazz, folk and experimental work; the label represents the fruits of a broad range of partnerships with performing groups and composers. Sitting alongside TCR, Sionci is specifically designed for artists, cross-genre, to exploit for their own development – to take ownership of promotion, approach and design, with Tŷ Cerdd’s support where needed. Crucially, Sionci is based on providing artists with a more favourable royalty split – allowing artists greater ownership and creative freedom.

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