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Teifi Emerald

The CoDI Move composer talks about some of the inspirational music that has helped shape her work

As a composer, are you inspired by other art forms? If so, which ones?

Comedy and comedy-music have inspired me, the likes of Victor Borge, Tim Minchin, Victoria Wood, Monty Python, French and Saunders, Brett Domino. I spent many days as a child re-enacting Mr Bean sketches.

I like music that is inherently playful and funny, and this Old Bollywood number is a favourite - Eena Meena Deeka with Kishore Kumar.

Academy Cardiff 1 07.jpg

Nature, ecosystems and natural cycles are a huge source of inspiration. I like the work of Earth artists such as Andy Goldsworthy; also the couture fashion designer Iris van Herpen who uses nature patterns to create incredible wearable sculptures.

For what art form would you like to write music?

I’d love to make music for theatre and dance; these are my practices alongside music. But almost any multimedia collaboration could be fulfilling to work on.

I’d love to do voice-over and write a score for a series of cartoons. Maybe a multi-lingual cartoon with several heroines going on an adventure into a surreal land, fighting demons, saving the day  - that would be great thanks!

Old school cartoons have great rhythm and pacing, I learnt a lot from the shows I watched as a child like Road Runner and Sesame Street.

Which music inspires you?
I love music with soul, juiciness, great beats, or playfulness. Artists such as The Soil, Bobby McFerrin, Prince, Bjork, Portishead, Jeff Buckley have influenced me, especially with how they play with vocals.

Nao’s voice in this neo-soul song Orbit gives me chills.

Balkan and Klezmer music is also an influence, Besh o DroM are fantastic:

I’m also a fan of Yat Kha – Siberian rock band who use traditional throat singing.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

So many goals, so little time - keep building my work as a solo artist, write and release more music. Perform, perform, perform and perform again. Raise others up with inspiring content, and contribute what I can to create a loving, just world.

What is your dream project?

I’m a member of Ladies of Rage Cardiff, a collective for womxn in underrepresented genres, and there is huge potential there for some exciting collaborations, projects, releases, touring. I don’t have one specific dream project in mind, but being involved in a community – not just Ladies of Rage, but the wider South Wales creative scene, there’s loads of talent and some good work brewing, and I can’t wait to see some of it come to fruition, and to play my part in that.

At some point I’d like to compose for theatre. I have many thoughts about things that music gets right that theatre sometimes misses, and want to test these ideas out one day....

move icon black.png

I grew up with 90s RnB, and En Vogue’s attitude and vocal harmonising were a huge inspiration.

This funk track by Louis Cole makes me happy.

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