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Claire Victoria Roberts

Hijinx Academy North Wales

Teifi Emerald

Hijinx Academy South Wales 1

Tom Elstob

Hijinx Academy South Wales 2

Tayla-Leigh Payne

Hijinx Academy West Wales

Sarah Lianne Lewis

Hijinx Academy Mid Wales


pathway to writing for movement & engagement with learning-disabled actors


Five composers/sound artists from a broad stylistic range (shown above) were recruited to work in the Hijinx Academies – which train learning-disabled actors in Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Carmarthen and Prestatyn. Lead composer Tic Ashfield provided mentoring in writing for movement / theatre / dance while support in working in a learning-disabled training setting came from local choreographers and course leaders.  


The selected artists were resident in their local Academy for one session per week creating a work for the Academy actors to perform with in their end-of-term sharing. 


Due to the Covid 19 crisis these peformances were postponed. However you can listen to the music that was created here:

Tom Elstob: Chaos, Peril and the Great Escape

Teifi Emerald: Cread - and then we came into myth

Tayla-Leigh Payne - The Colouring Palette

Sarah Lianne Lewis - Cynefin

Claire Victoria Roberts - A Noteworthy Tale

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