CoDI Off-Grid Events


CoDI Off-Grid runs a programme of free online events to support artists to connect each other, promote their work, share practice and ideas, and reach new audiences. 


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Welsh language panel discussion hosted by Nêst Thomas with guests tba


Off Grid Sarah Angliss 9 Sept.jpg

Sgwrs #1 Sarah Angliss

Sarah Angliss’ music explores the sonorities of voices and ancient instruments, revealing and augmenting them with her distinctive electronic techniques.Sarah draws on her lifelong interest in European folksong, cybernetics and esoteric sound culture. These inspire her progressive and strikingly original music for film, theatre and the live music stage.

Her work reflects an eclectic musical background. A classically-trained composer who specialised in baroque and renaissance music, Sarah cut her teeth performing on the UK folk scene. Her desire to get inside notes and finely manipulate sound led her to study electroacoustic engineering, then robotics, alongside music – fields that continue to inform her unique compositional style.


Off Grid Kathy Hinde SMALL.jpg

Sgwrs #2 Kathy Hinde

Audio-visual artist Kathy Hinde shares some of her recent work, elaborating on some of her motivations, methods and intentions. Her audio-visual creations echo phenomena found in the natural world to explore the relationship between people, other species, and the earth’s systems. Her work often sits somewhere between kinetic sound sculptures and newly invented musical instruments that can be played live in countless ways. She draws on systems, models, and data from animal behaviours, biodiversity and dynamic ecosystems, and often employs open scores and chance procedures. The animal and the elemental have all figured into a practice of installation, performance and participatory works. Birds, water, bogs and ecosystems take different forms through bespoke software, objects and inquisitive forms of media.




Off Grid Leafcutter John.jpg

Sgwrs #3 Leafcutter John

Described by The Guardian as "a musician who combines acoustic and electronic music with an irresistible compulsion to build Heath Robinson- like inventions”, sound-artist Leafcutter John has released seven studio albums, toured extensively and collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Imogen Heap, Talvin Singh and Shabaka Hutchings.




Off Grid Maggie Nicols 2.jpg

Sgwrs #4 Maggie Nicols

Maggie Nicols was born in Edinburgh as Margaret Nicholson. Her father was from the Isle of Skye, and her mother was half-French, half-Berber, from North Africa. In her mid-teens she left school and started to work as a dancer at the Windmill Theatre. Her first singing engagement was in a strip club in Manchester in 1965. At about that time she became obsessed with jazz, and sang with bebop pianist Dennis Rose. From then on she sang in pubs, clubs, hotels, and in dance bands with some of the finest jazz musicians around. In the midst of all this she worked abroad for a year as a dancer (including a six-month stint at the Moulin Rouge in Paris).

​Nicols has also collaborated regularly over the years with Swiss pianist Irene Schweizer and French bassist Joelle Leandre, including tours and three recordings as the trio "Les Diaboliques". In 1991 she began a weekly free improvisational meeting in London, which became known as The Gathering, a taste of which was captured on the album The Gathering: For John Stevens. In 2020, she released her debut solo album entitled Creative Contradiction: Poetry, Story, Song & Sound on Cafe Oto's Takuroku label.