CoDI Interact session

4pm Thu 31.03.22


Join a cross-genre online forum for composers and music-creators, with host Lloyd Coleman (Associate Music Director of Paraorchestra) and guest speakers Daniel Lewis and John Hywel Morris from PRS for Music.

  • introduction to  PRS for Music - what it does, info on career development, advice on how to make a living as a composer / music-creator

  • announcement of new CoDI opportunities

  • report on recent CoDI projects

  • open forum giving you the opportunity to discuss the issues that are big for you now + PRS for Music Q&As  

This 90 minute session is free of charge. REGISTER HERE

Composer Forum square.jpg

Sesiwn CoDI Rhyngweithio

4yp Iau 31.03.22


Ymunwch â ni ar gyfer fforwm ar-lein ar gyfer cyfansoddwyr a chrewyr cerddoriaeth, gyda’r cyflwynydd Lloyd Coleman (Cyfarwyddwr Cerdd Gyswllt Paraorchestra) a siaradwyr gwadd Daniel Lewis a John Hywel Morris wrth PRS for Music.

  • cyflwyniad i'r gwaith PRS for Music

  • trafod materion sy'n fawr i chi ar hyn o bryd

  • cyhoeddiad am dymor newydd CoDI

  • Holi ac Ateb gyda PRS for Music

  • rhwydweithio

Bydd y sesiwn 90 munud am rhad ac yn ddim. COFRESTRWCH YMA