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CoDI Off-Grid sgwrs #7



16:00 Maw / Tue 11.01.22

Music-creators TeiFi and Trishna Jaikara present on their own practices and on the game-changing support and empowerment provided by the Ladies of Rage network.

TrishnaJaikara is an open format DJ resident for Bump & Grind, The Moon Cardiff & Ladies of Rage. Also a producer and lyricist in English, Welsh, Punjabi and Malay- making her bilingual debut on the Harddwch Du EP last year with track Rise Up which was played on BBC Radio 6 for BBC introducing and Radio Wales. She has been a part of Ladies of Rage since 2018 and champions local artists and businesses. 


TeiFi - with her “Rude Grooves and Smooth Loops” is a chameleon - funny, bawdy, Welsh-English rap, soulful vocals, lush harmonies, and a bit of dance thrown in. Singing about bodies, nature, sex, motherhood, death, Cymru, colonialism. Composing and producing and her music using loop station, vocal beats, nature sounds and dog noises. She has performed with Ladies of Rage since 2019 and is passionate about uplifting other artists.

hyd / duration: 60-90 mins

Mae mynediad i'r digwyddiad hwn yn rhad ac am ddim 

Admission is free of charge REGISTER HERE 

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Tŷ Cerdd is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner in association with Youth Music

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