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Amrwd ✱✱✱✱✱ review

SHOULD you remember Welsh legends Calan, Angharad Jenkins and Patrick Rimes are former founding members and Amrwd (the Welsh for raw) is their stirring debut as a duet.
Both are an integral part of the Welsh fiddle tradition. Here, the earthy sound of strings stand hairs on end as they dazzlingly converse in Brandy Cove or Du Fel y Glo or the virtuoso Myfanwy, “the greatest love song ever written.”
Also, both possess stunning voices: Gyrru’r Ychen/Driving the Oxen bewitches with its tender melancholy, while Calon Lan/A Pure Heart (1890) allures: “I don’t ask for a luxurious life...” in a plea for a virtuous life, free from the temptations and trappings brought by capitalism — a firm favourite of Welsh rugby fans and Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour MPs.
An album of immense refinement — a remarkable achievement.


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