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McGee commissioned to write Haverfordwest celebration

Alex McGee, conductor of Seindorf Arian Crwbin and the South Wales Police Band,  has been commissioned by Pembrokeshire County Council to produce a major new work showcasing the history of Haverfordwest. The work, for brass band, youth ensembles and choirs will focus on the recent discovery of the remains of some 300 people found buried beneath the towns main shopping street.

Titled, the 'Children of St. Saviours' (the priory in which the remains were found) the work will look at the development of Haverfordwest through the eyes of its young people. The current generation of young music makers are very much at the heart of the project and workshops will be run at Haverfordwest High School to incorporate compositional ideas from the students into the main work.

“I want the young musicians of Haverfordwest to have a significant and lasting impact on the work and the use of their ideas in the underlying rhythms, harmony and in the melody will give them ownership of this as their work too”

Alex McGee

An interim performance  of  sections of the work is scheduled for September 2024 in a mini festival in the town while the full work will be premiered in a Haverfordwest Castle in summer 2025.


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