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'Sing up Day' to feature new song by Joseph Gnagbo and Laura Bradshaw

Every year since 2010, Sing Up has set aside an extra special day to celebrate the power of song and spread a little singing. The next Sing Up Day will be Wednesday 28 June 2023.

Curious to know more about the musicians behind its sea-themed Sing Up Day anthem, Dreams across the ocean? Laura Bradshaw and Joseff Gnagbo introduce themselves and talk a bit about the song they created.


‘I’m a composer and community musician, and a flautist, trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I’ve worked in schools, teaching classroom singing in primary and secondary schools. I am now facilitating community music workshops with people who are displaced from their home countries with the award-winning project Oasis One World Choir. Unity and hope are key themes among our participants, and I often facilitate songwriting within the group, who now have a rich repertoire of self-created songs on our YouTube channel. I also regularly perform with the trio Bread and Roses with folk singer Frankie Armstrong and Pauline Down.’


‘I am a singer and rapper from Ivory Coast who came to the UK due to having to flee violence in my home country. I have added much to my new home in Cardiff, Wales via songs and songwriting skills, and have collaborated with Laura on creating several songs – a collaboration we are both keen to continue with. I’m a linguist (fluent in 6 languages, with a working knowledge of other languages) and am currently studying for an MA Welsh Master’s by Research. I am a collaborator with Oasis One World Choir and with renowned Welsh language poet Mererid Hopwood.’

Watch Laura and Joseff’s intro video to learn more about their Sing Up Day song:


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