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CERDDWN: Encouraging experimentation and innovation

CERDDWN composers Top row (left to right): David John Roche, Jefferson Lobo, Mared Emlyn, Nathan James Dearden; Bottom row (left to right): Gerard Cousins, Heledd CEvans, Michelle Maddock, Kian Ravaei

A new project, CERDDWN, led by Aberystwyth University is offering a new take on supporting young composers. The project aims to create a hub for musical experimentation and innovation in mid-Wales by connecting up-and-coming composers with orchestral musicians, allowing them to test out experimental concepts, and hone their music-making skills.

Following an open call for applications, four emerging composers have now been selected and presented with a bursary. Over the coming months Gerard Cousins, Heledd C Evans, Michelle Maddock, and Kian Ravaei will be given the chance to work closely and experiment with with Aberystwyth community orchestra Philomusica, and professional chamber orchestra, Sinfonia Cymru.

The four emerging composers will receive mentorship from an established composer, who themselves have been commissioned for new works. These four are Jefferson Lobo, Mared Emlyn, Nathan James Dearden and David John Roche

Aberystwyth University’s Director of Music, Iwan Teifion Davies, explains that the project "will cultivate some of the untapped talent that exists in Wales, and give an opportunity to those who may not normally have the chance to work with musicians" and will provide "hands-on opportunities for composers to work with orchestras throughout every stage of the compositional process" and "give these emerging composers the space to experiment and evolve their work, test radically new and risky ideas - to fail, retry and improve."

Further details from Aberystwyth University's website.


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