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Claire Victoria Roberts work featured on NMC release

The latest release in record label NMC's annual partnership with National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB) presents a new anthology of choral works by four talented, rising-star composers; Sun Keting, Thomas Metcalf, Ben Nobuto, and Welsh composer Claire Victoria Roberts. These new works are the product of NYCGB's yearly Young Composers scheme, which comprises of an intensive schedule of full choir workshops, composing sessions with the NYCGB Fellowship Ensemble, and tutorials with distinguished composers and mentors. The result is a selection of engaging and thoughtful new choral music, as four unique compositional voices respond to the theme of 'environment'. Claire Victoria Roberts sets two poems by Emily Dickinson, using choral textures to reflect the nuances of human connection, and representing 'hope' as a restless bird with hand claps and jagged rhythms.

"The sheer imagination and ingenuity of our young composers, stimulated by this year’s theme of ‘environment’, is a constant source of enjoyment and engagement, not only for those of us who guide and mentor them, but equally to the choir members, who are actively immersed in the creation of these new pieces." Ben Parry, NYCGB Artistic Director & Principal Conductor

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