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CoDI Organ@Soar music creators announced

Six Welsh ​and Wales-based music-creators have been selected for participation in CoDI Organ@Soar. Andrew Cusworth, Dafydd Dabson, Heledd C Evans, Owain Hughes, Hannah Ratigan and David John Roche will, over a series of workshops, explore techniques and approaches with lead composer Richard Baker. For the first two workshops, they will be joined by internationally acclaimed organist James McVinnie – together, James and Richard will open up the possibilities of the organ to the participating artists, who will then go on to create their own works.​

The six  music-creators will meet and respond to the local community, and the music they write will be written specially for the Soar organ and dedicated to the people of Merthyr. Lead composer Richard Baker and the team at Soar are Welsh speakers, and the Welsh language will be present throughout this bilingual programme.

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