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MTW digital opera: INTERBEING


interbeing, a term coined by Zen master and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh, articulates the interconnected existence of all things. Drawing from this term, this project is an experimental operatic collage, offering provocations that explore humanity's relationship with land and more specifically how our actions are impacting the environment. It suggests that everything exists in a state of interconnected being, interwoven and mutually dependent. Employing the physical connection between land and body as a visual and sonic motif, this opera serves both as a call to action and an offering.

Music by Simmy Singh and libretto and visuals by ASHA form the backbone of this digital opera short, which leverages the emotional power of storytelling through music and image - opera - to explore the symbiotic relationship between us and the planet we share. It emerges as a compelling cry for action, stirring a deep-seated response and sense of responsibility for the environmental crisis we have precipitated. The narrative prompts a critical reflection: if we continue on a path of destruction of our planet, we risk our future and dreams. This piece asks whether we should wait passively for such an outcome or actively seek change, underlining the importance of understanding our human bodies in relation to the Earth.

As opera, interbeing is a powerful blend of poetry, music, image and sung text. The emotional charge works on an almost instinctive level, just as our relationship to the planet should, and touches our inner being, our empathy. When we break the necessary inter-connectedness between ourselves and the earth we live on, we are also denying our true selves. This work, part of MTW’s New Directions series, represents a dynamic collaboration between two artists known for their contemporary storytelling across music, performance, and imagery, delivering a powerful and shared message.

Composition, Strings, Vocals and Piano: Simmy Singh

Libretto and Visuals: ASHA

Soprano: Anna Dennis

Cast in Order of Appearance:

Sia Gbamoi

Adrian Gardner

Adiam Yemane

Drums: Simon Roth

Cello: Rachel Shakespeare

Double Bass: Alice Phelps

Mixing: Sebastian Gainsborough

Film Editor: Marnie Hollande


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